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The influx of new city council members next year due to the outcome of the general election and term limits will also lead to some new appointments and shifting of seats on the North Royalton Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

NORTH ROYALTON – The influx of new city council members next year due to the outcome of the general election and term limits will also lead to some new appointments and shifting of seats on some of the city governmental bodies.

Mayor Bob Stefanik, who has served on the five-member North Royalton Planning Commission his entire 12-year tenure, retires effective Dec. 31 due to term limits. This means City Council President turned Mayor-elect Larry Antoskiewicz shifts from the city council-appointed position on the commission he has held for eight years into the mayor’s seat there.

Another vacancy has been created due to Planning Commission member Jessica Fenos, who has served since 2017, moving over the council as the newly elected Ward 1 council representative.

As mayor, Antoskiewicz will make an appointment to replace Fenos in the coming weeks, which City Council must approve in January. And as part of his role as council president, Council President-elect Paul Marnecheck will make the new council-representative appointment to planning at the same time he makes the new city council committee member appointments to safety, finance, building and building codes, streets, stormwater, utilities and review and oversight, which will be announced next month.

Changes will occur on the five-member Board of Zoning Appeals as well, which also has a city council representative, currently outgoing Ward 6 Councilman Dan Kasaris, who is term limited. As council president, Marnecheck is also responsible for making that appointment as well as the appointment to the Recreation Board, where he is the current council representative and can remain, if he so chooses to appointment himself.

“These bodies all serve very important roles, and I will consider carefully which of my colleagues will be the right fit for the community,” Marnecheck said. “My new colleagues have a wide range of professional and personal experience, so we are really fortunate.”

Kasaris said the BZA was a great experience he will miss.

“BZA created an excellent opportunity for me to use my courtroom skills and experience to help residents and our business community grow. Having been chairman for the past eight years or so, we have helped improve the city’s tax base, all within the rule of law,” he said.

Antoskiewicz said both bodies have done a great job, but he is certain that track record will continue after the changes.

“We have five new people on city council and with that shuffling, there will be new appointments on planning and the BZA. Both governmental bodies have done great work, but it is always nice to get new people involved, who will bring fresh viewpoints and perspectives to the decision-making process,” Antoskiewicz said.

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