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These lighter-colored sections of concrete are the new strips replaced throughout parts of York Delta, York Alpha and a small section of York Theta drives in the Industrial Park.

NORTH ROYALTON – Crews from the service department have been repairing deteriorating concrete and joints in the Industrial Park, and after four months this extensive project is complete.

Heavy trucks, time and long winters took a toll on sections of York Alpha, York Delta and York Theta drives. The city opted to replace the poor sections of original concrete in-house this year to save dollars.

Beginning in March, service crews began identifying and removing compromised sections of concrete and replacing with new, primarily along York Alpha and Delta.

The repairs sound simple enough, but Service Director Nick Cinquepalmi said it was quite a complex project.

“Today is the last day,” he said, June 30. “We are crack sealing, and then we are done. There was nothing easy about this very involved project. We did a lot over there. It’s one of the biggest projects the city of North Royalton has ever done in-house.”

It’s an area that’s needed extensive attention.

Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw said it’s something he’s been supportive of, and the businesses he’s spoken to there are all happy to see this completed.

“Most importantly, we want to continue the positive economic development and investment that has been continuing to happen in this part of Ward 3, which is great news for our city,” he said.

Cinquepalmi said his crews have been tackling it little by little each year, squeezing work in between other jobs, but this year it had service’s full attention.

“I buckled down and said, ‘we are going to do this until it’s all done,’ and that’s what we did,” he said.

Four full slabs were also replaced on York Theta.

York Beta Drive is newer and in good shape and did not require any work, officials said.

Mayor Bob Stefanik said the administration wanted to make Industrial Park a priority this year especially with the growth it has been experiencing.

“The road is no different than any other street or subdivision in the city. There’s always work to do. But there’s been a lot of expansion there and Best Equipment is breaking ground as we speak,” he said. “We wanted to get it done first.”

Council President Larry Antoskiewicz, vice chair of the streets committee, said he too is glad to see this project addressed.

“I was glad to hear at the streets committee meeting earlier this year when the mayor and service director announced this was important to start because of economic development and the need for it within that park,” he said. “We definitely needed this because of the growth the park has experienced and anticipation for further growth.”

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