NORTH ROYALTON – The owner of the vacant building once home to Rite Aid, is proposing to raze the structure and redevelop the site into a Chase Bank.

Detailed plans will be discussed at length during the next Planning Commission meeting set for Oct. 2.

The property owner, Rite Royalton-OH, is seeking site plan and architectural approval to redevelop the property, at 13955 State Road, with a new building situated closer to the intersection and facing the southwest corner with parking to the rear.

Plans call for a new monument sign, decorative fencing and brick pillars that adhere to the design standards for this section of town. The two existing driveways would be utilized and a remote drive-through ATM installed at the rear of the property behind the parking lot.

Mayor Bob Stefanik, who serves on planning, said it is the same design and concept as the new Chase Bank at the corner of state Routes 21 and 82 in downtown Brecksville. Both he and Community Development Director Tom Jordan say the development would fit nicely into the Towne Center District and be a welcome addition.

“The building will feature brick pillars and fencing to match that district. We appreciate their investment. It’s an attractive addition to our Towne Center District,” Jordan said.

“It will include a new monument sign, decorative fencing and will be a nice enhancement to our Towne Center District,” the mayor added.

The North Royalton Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. Oct. 2 in Council Chambers at City Hall, 14600 State Road.

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