Royalton Architectural Fabrication, Inc.

Royalton Architectural Fabrication, Inc., currently located in the industrial park, has been granted a tax incentive from the city to stay here in North Royalton and expand, doubling the size of the business in both space and payroll at a new site to be constructed on York Road.

NORTH ROYALTON – The city has granted one of its longtime industrial park businesses a tax incentive that will allow it to remain and expand here in North Royalton at a new location.

City Council approved a tax abatement July 17 allowing Royalton Architectural Fabrication Inc., a manufacturer of architectural panels and column covers at 13155 York-Delta Drive, to construct and relocate to a new building on York Road that will double the company’s current space and payroll.

The company will expand from 14,000 square feet to 36,000 square feet and increase from 13 current employees to 26 positions.

Community Development Director Tom Jordan explained the abatement will assist with a 49 percent reduction on the increased value of the real estate taxes over the next 15 years.

Royalton Architectural Fabrication has been located in the industrial park for 26 years. Owner Steve Winkler is not only a North Royalton business owner but he and his wife Valerie are longtime residents here. Winkler said this project is a total investment of $3.2 million from him and Valerie on behalf of Royalton Architectural Fabrication, and that it was important for them to stay and invest here in the community.

“This is my town,” he said. “I live here, I work here and am very proud of it.”

The site of the new, 5-acre location at 13134 York Road hopes to be operational before summer. Jordan said this project will be a vast improvement for this York Road site.

“We are happy to assist one of our longtime companies, one of our North Royalton success stories to retain these 13 jobs, expand the business and add 13 more jobs. We really appreciate this new investment of over $3.2 million,” he said. “The site where they will build had an older home on it that was in disrepair and was not consistent with the industrial zoning on the property.”

That house has been razed.

Mayor Bob Stefanik said this business was seriously considering moving outside of North Royalton when they reached out to the city administration.

“The business owner reached out to us and was actually ready to make an offer on a property in Brunswick and so we worked with him to identify property that would suit his needs and were able to pull off a deal to keep the business here in North Royalton,” the mayor said. “The owner, Steve Winkler, is not only a large business owner in North Royalton but he also gives a lot back to the community. He was one of the major donators to the North Royalton YMCA when it was being built.”

The project lies in Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw’s ward.

“I appreciate the considerable investment they are making to remain in North Royalton and upgrading to a much larger new facility in Ward 3 that they are building,” he said. “This will help bring some new life to York Road and bring in new jobs as well that will benefit our community.”

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