York Road Commercial Park expanding

Pierre Zanin, owner of the York Road Commercial Park, is adding another 8,800-square-foot building this year toward the rear of the property.

NORTH ROYALTON – Longtime North Royalton property owner Pierre Zanin will be constructing another building at his York Road Commercial Park.

Zanin, who owns several properties in North Royalton including the Royalwood Center shopping center at Royalwood and State roads, has plans to construct an 8,800-square-foot building in the back of the site at 13688 York that is located north of the Jump Yard.

Final site plans for this building were OK’d by Planning Commission at its Jan. 3 meeting.

This comes just a few years after Zanin constructed a similar 8,000-square-foot building at the same site.

The York Road Commercial Park first began taking shape when Zanin purchased the 12,000-square-foot existing building roughly 20 years ago, upgraded the space and split it into a multi-tenant site, now home to the Blue Diamonds baseball club and Recreation Warehouse and Flooring Center.

The second structure came in 2015 and is home to S & D Coffee and Tea.

Zanin’s son Claudio said his father, who he spoke on behalf of, has a long-range vision for this particular commercial park: cleaning up the land, creating the park with a nice entrance and adding a few buildings. That vision, though still in progress, is coming along nicely, Claudio Zanin said.

Tenant growth has been the catalyst for development each time.

A tenant was growing and in need of more space which prompted the 2015 park expansion. That same scenario is happening again, prompting a need for the third building which will be able to house one tenant or can be divided in half to house two. Each side of the building will have a dock.

The newest building’s tenants have not been announced.

There is enough space, Claudio Zanin said, for even further growth with the capability to construct a fourth building in the future should the need arise.

Claudio Zanin said his father is truly proud of the site’s progression and the fact that it has helped to retain North Royalton businesses here in the community.

“It’s shaped up to be a nice commercial park, and we are proud of it mainly as a way to keep business in North Royalton which benefits everyone,” he said.

The city appreciates projects like this as well.

“Pierre Zanin and his family have been longtime business owners and property landlords in North Royalton for many years. They always build a quality structure and attract very high-end tenants. They are unique in that they somewhat customize their buildings for individual businesses they are attracting,” Mayor Bob Stefanik, who serves on the Planning Commission, said.

Council President Larry Antoskiewicz, who also serves on planning, agrees.

“It’s always nice when we see someone is adding on especially someone who has been in North Royalton the better part of his life,” he said. “He continues to expand and develop his business within the city.”

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