Ted Rist

Ted Rist passed away July 19, 2019, in Idaho.

He graduated from North Royalton High School in 1962 and served in Vietnam, where he received the Silver Star for bravery. This qualified him to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. After his military service, he started his flying career, which included being the pilot for Nelson Rockefeller when he was vice president. He flew all over the world for Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated for many years and the last 10 years before retiring he flew for the Boston Red Sox. Ted and his brother had the opportunity to fly fish in many parts of the world with some great friends. His three favorite things were fly fishing, upland bird hunting and playing polo. Ted was also an avid reader and in 2012, Ted published a book titled, “Mystic Dancer,” which is available on Amazon, about a pilot in Southeast Asia during the war in Vietnam. The book is based on real events and the main theme is about the secret war the U.S. fought in Laos. Some of the characters are based on real people who were there at that time but have been changed to fit the story.

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I am shocked to see this. I had not talked to Ted for a couple of years and something made me google his name this morning. We were writing friends -- in fact, we had many discussions about Mystic Dancer prior to publication. He send me the second copy right off the printing press. I am sad and will miss him. Wonderful hero and man.

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