WADSWORTH – Trust and transparency have always been top priorities for the folks at Van’s Auto Service and Tire Pros and, recently, they have added a new feature to even further solidify that trust.

“Over this past year, we have started to do a digital vehicle inspection,” said Joshua Baughman, owner of Van’s. “Say a customer comes in for an oil change, we take pictures of everything like the front end, air filters and brakes and send them directly to the customer’s phone. That way we can show people exactly what we find then we can advise them and the customer can decide how they want to proceed. We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from it, even more than I thought we would. People definitely like to have that full disclosure.”

Baughman said there is never any pressure to have work done right away and added that Van’s always tries to keep the customer’s budget in mind.

“On these inspections, we don’t just show the customer areas where work needs to be done, but also the areas that look good,” he said. “We can talk to them about what might need to be addressed right away and then talk about other issues that maybe don’t need to be fixed right away, but that they might want to budget for six to eight months down the road.”

Baughman added that Van’s offers a number of different financing options including zero interest for the first six months, which can be helpful when setting up a budget for car repairs.

Van’s offers a range of service, including tires, oil changes, front end work, engine work, transmission and brakes.

“We basically handle anything mechanical,” Baughman said.

While offering quality service to customers is always the first priority, giving back to the community has always been an important aspect of the business.

Van’s actively supports a number of initiatives, including Lake Erie Labrador Rescue, Kelli’s Crusade, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Wadsworth Area Chamber of Commerce and Wadsworth High School football.

“We donate a set of tires at every home game,” Baughman said. “It’s a text -to-win option and every time the home team scores within the red zone we give away a set of tires.”

Also each year, Van’s sponsors an essay contest for a free car restoration.

“We will probably be getting word out about that by the first of the year,” Baughman said, adding that separate contests are planned for each of Van’s four locations, including Wadsworth, Mansfield, North Ridgefield and Iberia.

With a large and loyal customer base in the area, Baughman said that community outreach is a good way to show customers how much Van’s appreciates both them and the community.

“We really do have an outstanding customer base and we really appreciate them,” he said. “We have often had customers drop off lunch or bring by cookies and that makes us feel great.”

Van’s is located at 185 Broad Street and hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, visit vanstirepros.com or call 330-336-6630.

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