Kathleen Wieschaus-Voss

Kathleen Wieschaus-Voss, exhibit curator, is pictured with the 1885 drawing by Ferdinand Brader, “The George Dilger Brewery and Residence.”

In 1888, Swiss artist Ferdinand Brader came to the Doylestown area and stayed at local farms.

He earned his room and board by making drawings of the farms and communities where he stayed.

Aside from the incredible detail in his drawings, the most unique feature is his vantage point: most of Brader’s works are drawn as if airborne, which was very unique in 1888.

Brader numbered his works and current research indicates he left over 980 drawings in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Brader prints have become collectibles with appraisals of some drawings in excess of $20,000.

The Chippewa-Rogues Hollow Historical Society owns two Brader prints and they will be on display the evening of Oct. 9 at the Chidester Mill Museum, 17500 Galehouse Road.

The historical society has announced that the foremost expert on Brader, Kathleen Wieschaus-Voss, will provide a Brader presentation Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.

She will share a PowerPoint presentation of Brader works along with the results of her research in Switzerland this past summer.

Wieschaus-Voss shared her plans for her presentation: “I left for Switzerland in June with many questions about Ferdinand Brader.

Here are two of the questions which have now been answered, and I will be looking forward to telling about all this and more when I come to Doylestown in October.

Ferdinand Brader was in the high 40s when he arrived in Pennsylvania and began his life as an itinerant artist earning his room and board by making pencil drawings of the farms where he stayed. How did he make a living as a younger man in Switzerland?”

In 1895, while Brader was living at the Stark County Infirmary, previously known as The Poor House, he received news that he had inherited a fortune. He intended to return to Switzerland to collect his fortune, but he never did. What happened to the money?”

Wieschaus-Voss has been appointed curator of the Ferdinand Brader Exhibit which will open in December 2014 at the Canton Museum of Art.

For information on the exhibit, go to www.braderexhibit.com.

For more information on the Chippewa-Rogues Hollow Historical Society, go to www.chippewarogueshollow.org.

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I've been collecting and researching Brader and his drawings for over 35 years so I'm quite familiar with his works.
Therefore let me point out that these are NOT "prints" as you mention in your article. Brader did one of a kind, graphite drawings using a pencil and to refer to them as "Prints" does a disservice to Brader and his art.

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