Our readers voted over­whelmingly (84.5%) that over­ly generous Federal unemploy­ment benefits are incentivising people not to work. I thought so, but it was interesting that so many of our readers thought so as well. It seems like a no brainer now, America needs people to get back to work. Read more

Two-thirds of Post read­ers voted yesterday that Con­gressman Anthony Gonazalez should hang in there and fight for principles, after the Ohio GOP censured him and called for him to resign for voting to former impeach President Trump. Read more

In a hotly debated poll, readers vote 51%- 49% that Facebook should not have ex­tended their ban of Don­ald Trump. There were a lot of thought provoking comments that I would like to comment on myself. Read more

Post Readers voted strongly (70%) that they do not support Biden’s plan to re­distribute the wealth in Amer­ica. This is the case locally despite the fact that national opinion polls show that our country is increasingly mov­ing toward a more European socialist model. Read more

Our readers are honest! I think that is why so many peo­ple enjoy reading Street Talk, because our people just say what they honestly think and we publish it. That is a pretty rare commodity these days.  Read more

Readers voted 2-1 that Dems calling black Repub­lican Senator Scott “Uncle Tim” was unfair. And in this writer’s opinion, they were right. That was unfair, out-of-line and hurt their argument.

Read more

In one of our largest turn­outs ever, readers of The Post gave Joe Biden an approval rating of just 44.2%. Yes, this is a decidedly Republican area, but as we reported on Mon­day, the national Washington Post-ABC poll only showed the President at 52%. That was one of the lowest numbers ever for a new President. Read more

A majority or readers voted in our poll that they do not support greater scru­tiny of police if it makes it harder to do their jobs. If we had asked simply if they support greater scrutiny of police, it may have been different than the 57% - 43% vote we got. But as they say, the devil is always in the details. Read more

In a highly participat­ed poll, 51% of Post readers say Facebook should not let Trump back in - 49% think they should. Today, our fea­tured Guest Columns are fo­cusing on policing in America. Read more