Readers voted yes­terday that they are over­whelmingly cynical that technology alone can defend the country against jihadi terrorism. Today we look at the other war America is fighting and losing, the bat­tle against the coronavirus. Read more

A majority of readers (51.1%) voted that President Joe Biden “went too far” in his speech Thursday night. Personally, I agreed with Dr. Leana Wen, and voted with the distinct minority (19.2%) who felt he didn’t go far enough! Read more

Biden should cut back on his spending plans. My guess is he will change the subject to covid or abortion. So today we will do old Uncle Joe a favor and talk about the Texas anti-abortion law. Read more

Nearly three in four Post readers voted that in­creased spending and tax­es will just hurt American workers. These are strange times we are living in and I don’t claim to know the an­swer, but it does kind of feel like all the money the government is blowing out is just being wasted and the bill hasn’t arrived yet. Read more

In an extremely close vote, readers narrowly re­jected the idea of a 9/11 style Afghanistan Commission. My favorite comment came from Eric Field of Wadsworth. “Fa­mous line by Col.Trautman in ‘Rambo, First Blood’: ‘It’s over, Johnny.’” Read more

A majority of readers on both sides of abortion issue (64/7%) don’t be­lieve that Roe v Wade will be overturned. This story will continue to develop as the week goes on but today we take another look at Afghanistan. Read more

In yesterday’s poll, nearly 2/3 of Post readers (63.6%) awarded President Joe Biden an “F” grade for his final Afghanistan exam. Read more

Post readers overwhelmingly disagree with Guest Columnist Max Boot that the American people share blame for pushing a hasty Afghani­stan exit. They mostly Biden, as do many of our Guest col­umnists. Read more

Readers were a bit cynical that global warming contribut­ed to Hurricane Ida. It is a bit eerie, however, that we are running both flood and western fire pictures on the same day. Lake Tahoe is getting nervous. Read more

We got a ton of responses yesterday on whether Gover­nor DeWine should consider state mandates, if covid gets worse enough. Read more

A majority of our readers think Republicans need to do more than just say “we’re not Biden” to win power back. Af­ter the events of this last week I am not so sure. Read more