Our poll question about the Cleveland Indi­ans changing their name to Guardians yesterday was very popular, even if the name change itself was not. More than 3 in 4 voted that they were not happy with the change. Read more

More than 2/3 of our readers say that they are not interested in watching the Olympics. That’s a shame, it should be something that brings the country together. Read more

A majority of our read­ers (62%) believe that 18-20 year olds should not be al­lowed handguns. Gun vio­lence is certainly a huge and growing problem. Today, we discuss another leading cause of unnecessary death. Read more

The majority of Post readers think many states have put their Covid guards down too fast. The delta variant has caused numbers to fire back upward again in recent weeks. Read more

A narrow majority of readers (52.9%) think that the Biden administration should have shown more support for our Cuban neighbors who want to break the shackles of communism. Read more

Post Readers voted 3-1 that they would not want to fly into orbit on one of the new commercial flights to space. And speaking of flying to the outer limits, tonight’s topic will be about the just complet­ed annual “CPAC” conservative convention. Read more

Yesterday’s poll showed that over 60% of our readers feel that it is high time we bug out of Afghanistan. Maybe we should bug out of ... the Earth? Read more