The dueling town halls were the subject of our reader poll and main news story yesterday. Two-thirds of our readers watched, and the number one answer from them was that Trump won.

I thought that Trump's demeanor was better than his first debate and that the Biden town hall was just an infomercial, not journalism from ABC. That being said, my overall reaction after thinking about it overnight was "Is this the best we can do?"

We are happy that Trump did not murder somebody on the set. We are relieved that Biden sometimes strung whole sentences together. Neither tells the truth much, although Biden is not as obvious.

Trump – as usual – made outrageous false claims like "85 percent of people who wear masks catch it." And his standard, "We were expected to lose 2.2 million people and maybe more than that. We're at 210,000 people."

Even though he appears to be headed to a humiliating defeat while taking his party down with him, Trump cannot swallow his pride and at least show some humility and remorse over his total mishandling of the coronavirus threat.

Biden has always been a fibber who makes up stories as he goes. At least he acts like a nice old guy that just happens to tell a lot of tall tales. He sure didn't convince me that he could control the crazy radicals in his party.

I am still holding out hope that, after almost all of his party has already mailed their ballots in early and he knows the election is in the bag, that he will renounce plans to pack the court and the Congress. That he will show that he really is the guy who would work on reuniting the country.

Barring that, I don't see much hope that our country can heal itself.

Trump's last gasp seems to be surfacing another email scandal like Clinton had. Some readers have written and asked why we don't publicize the alleged Hunter Biden emails showing corruption involving his father Joe. We haven't because there isn't enough evidence yet to know if it's a fake or not.

Certainly, if those allegations are true it could affect the voting, but probably not soon enough to save Trump, since so many people have already voted and there are so few undecideds.

That being said, I think that Twitter and Facebook's banning people from posting about is totally absurd. Late yesterday Twitter admitted their policy was wrong. It's bad enough that we allowed those companies to become giant behemoths in the first place by granting them immunity from liability from what users post.

Allowing them to pass judgment on those posts would just make matters worse. In no way do they deserve to have that much power. No way! We have a story today on how the Twitter CEO did an about face and admitted they were wrong – under threat by Republicans revoking their liability shield.

Naturally, our featured Guest Column today is once again by Megan McArdle. She writes "Twitter and Facebook's attempt to squelch a baseless Biden story backfired." Yet another good read from my new favorite columnist.

The Daily Post Reader Poll for Saturday asks "Should Twitter and Facebook lose their legal shield from lawsuits over user content?"

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