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Nearly 2/3 of Post read­ers believe that Jeff Bezos’ space flight was just a waste of money by a rich guy.

Joel Gibson of Bruns­wick, in our Street Talk, com­mented, “Maybe, and most likely. The guy founded Amazon. Let’s see what else he can do.” I agree with Joel on this one.

I loved that the Street Talk today did not seem to have any organized talking points. They will come, but people were just speaking from their hearts instead of what their favorite cable channel told them to believe. It was refresh­ing. Thank you all for being real!

“The politicization of Covid 19” is a well written local Guest Column today by Christopher Hartlaub of Rit­tman. Like the majority of our own readers, Christopher himself got vaccinated.

Most of the new Trumplican party leaders have been vaccinated too, but they keep it a secret. Just like almost all of the Fox News talking heads, who can’t be honest like almost all Post Street talkers are. Our Street Talkers talk from the heart, they are not trying to make money off you.

“Right-wing media could end the pandemic – with­out giving an inch in the culture war” is a featured Guest column by Margaret Sullivan today. “No one took Geraldo Rivera very seriously last year when he proposed naming the coronavirus vaccine in honor of the just-defeated pres­ident,” pens Sullivan.

Of Rivera’s idea, Sullivan says that, “With the world so divided and everybody telling him he’s got to give up and it’s time to leave ... why not name the vaccine ‘The Trump’?”

“My mother had a vaccine passport from decades ago. So why are we so averse to the idea now?” That is the question asked by columnist Karen Tumulty. When I hear the repetitive Trumplican letters in our paper trying to justify the cult’s opposition to getting vaccinated, it is usually based on one single anecdote about an individual who, for one reason or the other, cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons.

I guess we are supposed to believe that half of Repub­licans have medical conditions that Democrats don’t. Lame.

“Facebook may be a platform for vaccine disinfor­mation. But it’s not the source” argues columnist Jennifer Rubin, who I usually disagree with. But not on this one. By far the biggest culprit has been Fox News, which is now trying to slowly back away from so that can achieve “plausible deniability” - one of the oldest routines from the Corrupt Politicians Playbook.

“It may be time to start incentivizing the unvacci­nated with cash” says Washington Post columnist and Fox News regular Charles Lane. I like Charles, but that is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard him tout. I get his point but like the old saying goes “that’s just not right.” I like the next argument better.

The real hero at Fox News is Steve Doocy. “If you have the chance, get the shot. It will save your life” said Doocy, long before the more famous Fox News shills did. Doocy is co-host of the strongly right-leaning morning talk show “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel.

Doocy told viewers on Monday that “99 percent of the people who have died have not been vaccinated. And so, what they’re trying to do is ... make sure that all the people who have not been vaccinated get vaccinated.”

The host went on to list some popular conspiracy theories about the vaccines - adding that “none of that is true.” While acknowledging that “there are some people who have a reason they cannot get vaccinated,” he said, “everybody else, if you have the chance, get the shot. It will save your life.”

Doocy’s has been with Fox News since it was founded in 1996. His son, Peter, is the network’s White House correspondent. Contrary to what our rabid Trumpli­can readers want to believe, I would know because I have watched Fox News from its inception.

When Fox personality Lawrence Jones argued that some people don’t see the point of getting vaccinated, Doo­cy retorted: “You won’t die. That’s a good reason.”

Steve Doocy of Fox News has a very simple vaccine argument. “Get a shot. You won’t die.” Is that a good reason? That’s Thursday’s Daily Post Reader Poll question.

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