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A majority of readers (over 60%) believe Florida’s blocking of an AP Black history class to be a racist action. Today, we switch our focus to a more immediate concern: The explosion of mass shootings in America.

We have 3 Guest Editorials by The Washing­ton Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Daily News focusing squarely on guns.

“The gun violence scourge can’t be scrubbed out with one or two changes,” edito­rializes The Washington Post. “A prayer here, a policy change there alone won’t end gun violence.”

The WaPo editorial observes that gun violence is so regular an occurrence in the United States that no incident, however tragic, comes as a surprise. But events in recent days deserve special attention all the same. “They underscore a core truth about responding to gun violence: changing just one or two things would not be enough.”

The Gun Violence Archive has counted a stunning 39 mass shootings so far in 2023 alone! WaPo hits home on this fundamental point: “The five highest-casualty mass shootings in modern American history all involved weapons that allowed shooters to let loose on crowds without having to reload.”

The editorial stress­es that “policymakers should understand that no single solution will scrub out this scourge. Doing one thing is better than doing nothing at all - but to pretend the work ends there would be reckless.”

“Monterey Park shooting is horrific, but all too familiar” edito­rializes the Los Angeles Times. “Who walks into a dance hall and guns down 20 people?” This is what Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna asked, hours after 10 people were shot dead and at least 10 more were wounded Saturday night in Monterey Park.

“Another notch in the grim tally: Monterey Park shooting was a choice we’ll keep making” concludes the New York Daily News. “With every such shooting, two things are always true: it was an abomination that cut down the lives of those who wanted just to live in safety, and it was a choice, one we collectively made.”

“We already know which gun policies work” writes Guest Columnist Francis Wilkinson. “It is increasingly clear how to reduce death and injury from firearms, but the political will to enact new laws is lacking.”

“The only way to stop senseless mass shootings? You know the answer” insists Eugene Robinson. “There is one way the mass shooting Saturday in Monterey Park, Calif., could have been prevented -- one way that all mass shootings and individual shootings and gun suicides can be prevented: Keep deadly firearms out of the hands of those who would use them to kill.”

Should guns be made harder to obtain? That’s The Daily Post Reader Poll question for Wednesday.

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