Readers were pretty evenly divided in yesterdays’ reader poll on whether Presi­dent Biden should heed Dem­ocrat Senator Joe Manchin’s admonitions that Democrats should be trying harder to work in a bipartisan way with Republicans. Read more

Readers predicting that Donald Trump’s influence over the GOP will decrease (39.7%), which narrowly edged those saying it will in­crease (39.3%) in yesterday’s Reader Poll. Read more

Our Reader Poll yes­terday drew a lot of votes, and so did Governor Mike DeWine. Readers gave DeWine a commanding early lead to DeWine over Wadsworth’s Renacci in the Governor’s race. Read more

Less than 10% of Post readers think that new covid variants like Delta will make any difference to anti-vaxxers. Read more

Yesterday’s poll on what your heart tells you about Trump brought a record num­ber of votes, and it was a close one. Asked if you believe that “Trump is right” in your heart, 52% of our readers’ hearts say “Wrong.” Read more

In yesterday’s poll, 58% of readers said that they be­lieve that the US can win a Cold War with China. Read more

A narrow majority of readers (52%) voted in yes­terday’s poll that they favor moving to an open primary system. Despite the obstacles, you never know. If things keep deteriorating, it could happen someday. Read more

A solid majority of readers (70.8%) now be­lieve UFOs are real, ac­cording to our well partic­ipated poll from yesterday. It is hard to ignore the videos. Read more

Newspapers across the country screamed that some­thing must be done to make Belarus dictator Alexan­der Lukashenko pay for his shockingly brazen diversion of a commercial flight from Athens to Vilnius. Read more

According to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll conducted in March, 84% of Americans sup­port the anthem being played or sung before professional sporting events. Seventy-one percent feel positive when the song plays. Read more

Nearly two thirds of all readers (66.3%) describe the January 6 storming of the Capitol as being ‘an assault on democracy’. The vote drew heavy participation from all sides. Read more

Surprisingly, our readers in this majority Republican area voted almost 2-1 in favor of Roe V Wade! That shows how much the new “Trum­plican” party has changed from what we used to think of Republicans standing for. Read more

More than two thirds of our readers voted that Pres­ident Joe Biden was not pushing hard enough to further investigate the possibility that the coronavirus may have actually started from a lab in Wuhan. Read more

In a fairly close vote, Post readers pegged their approval of Governor DeWine’s chanc­es of being re-elected at 53.8%. The response to the poll was just average, likely because Trumplicans want who is supposedly “their” Governor to be overthrown, and most Democrats in the end will vote for him. Read more

Our readers voted over­whelmingly to eliminate ger­rymandering. It was such a runaway, my guess is many Republicans sat out the vote.

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