To the Editor:

I suspect the fight is worse than the disease. I wonder if the corona soon might cause more panic and erratic behavior because of shutdowns. Hopefully not in Medina. Most are sane thinkers. Are the feds way out of control? Or not?

How come no panic over the standard flu? I hear it kills about 60,000 a year. Far more people than COVID-19? It is contagious, too.

The feds are talking about spending and giving $2 trillion, then maybe another $2 trillion. Pretty soon it could be bazillions. Where do all these dollars come from? Thin air? Maybe we could borrow a few skids of money back from Iran.

Should I stop worrying about spending more than we take in? Stop telling Congress to cut spending? After all this COVID-19 is passed, I sincerely hope President Trump pushes a new plan to start cutting back spending.

Find new ways to push for a balanced budget down the road. We should all push for less spending after COVID-19.

Keep the faith. Pay attention to your surroundings and move forward carefully.

Thanks for listening

Mark Overholt


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