Dems need to do more than just try to get rid of Trump

To the Editor:

Bernie Sanders is a prime example of how easily politicians can be bought off. He was paid off to drop out of the 2016 presidential race against Hillary Clinton. Now, he’s taking another pay off for Joe Biden to be the nominee in 2020.

For somebody that hates “rich” people and wants to tax them over 50 percent, he sure is raking in the money, adding to his millions – if not billions – of dollars ? How many millionaires/billionaires were running for a job that only pays $400,000 a year?

Their whole campaign is to get rid of Trump. They’re not running on how to help this country, they just want to get Trump out of office. Orange man: bad. Bought-and-paid-for politicians: good. Bought-and-paid-for media: good. Orange man: bad.

My prediction is, the fix is in for a Biden/Trump ticket for 2020. That way, when Biden loses, the Democrats can start the “collusion” impeachment process all over again. It’s gonna be Russia, Russia, Russia with a pinch of Ukraine this time. It’s getting old.

Our politicians need to do what they got elected for and that’s to represent and work for the American people, not work against the people and our elected president.


Thomas Ross


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