Recorder Salzgeber was best candidate, then and now

To the Editor:

As a Brunswick city councilman at-large, and an elected Medina County Republican Party Central Committee member from Brunswick, I know Joe Salzgeber well.

When the county recorder’s position became vacant at the end of 2018, following then-Recorder Colleen Swedyk’s election as one of our three county commissioners that November, I participated as Central Committee member in the interview and appointment process in January 2019. Of the four candidates – which included both Joe Salzgeber and Jill Bell – Salzgeber was appointed recorder after the very first round of balloting. Salzgeber was clearly the best qualified candidate, then and now, because of his experience as a real estate attorney and as a past Medina County assistant prosecutor.

Since being appointed as county recorder, Salzgeber has served the residents of Medina County very well. The Recorder’s Office now offers 24/7 online document research and recording. Salzgeber has simplified the process for recording Veterans’ DD-214 discharge paperwork and issuing official Veteran’s ID cards. He has revived the already-existing “Good Deeds” program – established by Colleen Swedyk and Judge Dunn – which helps seniors obtain and file new survivorship deeds to avoid the probate process.

Salzgeber is also a longtime Medina County Republican Party Central Committee member and executive committee member, who has donated his time and money to help elect local conservative Republican candidates.

I urge my fellow Republicans to vote for Joe Salzgeber for county recorder in the upcoming March 17 primary.

Joseph Delsanter


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