To the Editor:

Where were you on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941? For most of you, your birthday was decades in the future. As a child, I remember events and behaviors of my family, relatives and neighbors. I remember my uncles serving in the military and being part of the D-Day invasion. I also remember the flags in the windows showing that the family had lost a loved one in World War II.

It was a time where you saved the food tin cans and other materials and took them to your neighborhood fire station. It was a time of sacrifice to defeat the enemy. It was a time of fear, but also a time of resolve that we would be victorious. It was also a time to look out for your neighbor, and support FDR. This included citizens who did not vote for FDR.

Today – unlike those days – we are faced with an enemy that we cannot see. We have a president and other national and local leaders that are on the front lines of this battle to defeat the virus. You may not like our president, but unlike a president of the recent past, he has taken action to save lives and to lay out an action plan to defeat this enemy.

Richard Paterson

Brunswick Hills

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