Sarah Olenik and Alex Figueiredo

Sarah Olenik and Alex Figueiredo introduced themselves to members of Lodi Village Council as the owners of “A New Day,” a drug and alcohol outpatient service being offered to Lodi and the surrounding community for people in need.

LODI – Once the lease is in place, Sarah Olenik and Alex Figueiredo plan to provide drug and alcohol outpatient services for people in need in the Lodi and surrounding community.

The pair presented their plan before Lodi Village Council on March 28. Calling their organization “A New Day,” they will be located at 402 Highland, the former medical building in Lodi. Clients will be referred through the Medina drug court and Job and Family Services. Olenik said, “As we grow, we’re open to anyone who needs help.” She and Figueiredo are both social workers. He brings his expertise from working in the prison system and hopes to prevent people from going to prison and provide services to get people on their feet. They plan to be open evenings and offer group assessments in the afternoon hours. The hope is to also start a Narcotics Anonymous group.

Regular business

In regular business before council, Melody Miller, parks chair, thanked the many volunteers who helped fill the thousands of plastic eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt held March 26. Her committee is considering repairs to the parking lot and drive at the basketball court, new poles for the tennis court net, filling potholes at Community Park and renting a portable handicap accessible restroom for the summer. She is also seeking corporate sponsors for the projected Splash Pad to be located at Letha House Field.

Letha Mapes, safety chair, said she had been approached by a resident willing to pay for a bullet-proof vest for the K-9, Dakota. Police Chief Keough said Dakota is a narcotic dog and always has two officers with her. She has never been in a dangerous situation. Patrol dogs are more likely to be exposed to danger and need vests. He thanked the prospective donor for the offer.


Inspector Jim Brandenburg has been checking on unsightly properties in the village. He plans to introduce himself to businesses in town for contact and update information. Cecelia Sivard suggested police, fire and zoning pool their efforts on gathering information on vacant businesses in town. Sivard is compiling a list of vacant commercial properties.


Deteriorating curbs at FirstMerit Bank, First Congregational Church and D’Antonio’s Pizza are being addressed to determine responsibility for repair work.

Street Superintendent Harold Kasten-Krouse expects construction to begin on Prospect Street in June and warned of some traffic disruptions while the work is being done.


Mayor Rob Geissman, Annette Geissman and legal counsel Irv Sugerman met with representatives of the National Cemetery in Rittman to gather suggestions on what needs to be done in Woodlawn Cemetery and how to get the work done. The National Cemetery utilizes volunteers like local veterans groups and Boy Scouts to clean headstones. The mayor also met with two of three Harrisville Township trustees (Mr. Remington was on vacation at the time) regarding sharing responsibilities at the cemetery. By using volunteers, they propose to keep costs down. Geissman noted the approach of Memorial Day, suggesting picking up fallen branches and sticks, and straightening and painting the fence. Miller suggested a donation of gravel would be appreciated to fill low spots in the drive.

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