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STRONGSVILLE – The proposed slip ramp from southbound Interstate 71 onto Howe Road is still on the minds of many residents. It is also on the minds of councilmen and city administration.

While not a lot has been said about the slip ramp recently, one councilman spoke his mind about the subject during caucus prior to the July 18 regular council meeting.

Ward 3 Councilman Jim Carbone stated he believed there was a problem with traffic congestion in the Howe and Royalton roads area, and that something needed to be done. He has reservations regarding a slip ramp, however.

“What we may disagree on is the project. The research I’ve done scares me a little bit,” he said. “We’re the stewards of the people’s money. When we are spending this type of money, whether it’s coming from our pocket or the state it’s still our money. I do have some reservations.”

Carbon wants to expand the scope of the engineering study to include the area south of Shurmer Road. He requested that the city of Strongsville looks at other options to alleviate traffic including a slip ramp onto Boston Road.

“My whole thing is safety. We don’t want to create another issue where our residents or people visiting our city are not safe,” he said.

Carbone contacted NOACA (Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency) to get an engineering study performed south of Shurmer with a focus on Boston Road.

Getting an interchange off I-71 onto Boston Road is a long shot. Carbone wants to look long and hard, however, at a Boston slip ramp option.

“The same concept we are looking at for Howe and Shurmer could happen at Boston that would connect with North Carpenter,” he said. “If we did a slip ramp that was three lanes connecting with North Carpenter you would have a right turn that would take motorists west or east, which would be a left-hand turn. That would also help our residents on Howe Road.”

The study of a slip ramp onto Boston Road is more crucial, according to Carbone, due to NOACA appropriating more than $10 million toward the widening of North Carpenter Road.

“Maybe this makes more sense since we are going to look to NOACA for funding,” Carbone said.

Residents also came forward at the July 18 council meeting to state their concerns with the slip ramp project.

Shurmer Road resident Joanne Talpas asked council whether there was a “red light” to the project.

“I’ve been told multiple times it’s just a study, but anyone who manages their family’s finances, or in this case the city’s, would not seek to do a project and not move forward with it,” she said.

Talpas added when addressing council, “If you or any of your children or anybody directly related to you lived in that neighborhood you might have been persuaded to vote differently.”

Fellow Shurmer Road resident Marcy Luchesse, who volunteered at the recent Homecoming, also stated her opposition to a slip ramp in her neighborhood.

“It was a choice to donate that time, but I’m also donating my free time attending council meetings because I’ve lost faith in my local government,” she said. “You’re not doing what you can to protect my neighborhood. I’m not a politician, but I will spend my free time contacting ODOT, signing petitions, putting signs in my yard and doing what is ever necessary to protect my neighborhood. My neighbors and I are not going away. We will be here the next council meeting.”

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Joe Fabeetz

Kudos to Carbone for doing the right thing. This slip ramp project will create more traffic on an already congested residential street (Howe Rd). Safety should always be a consideration when making decisions that will impact residents for years to come. This slip ramp is a bad idea. I wonder if the mayor would love it as much as he does now if it were proposed for Falmouth Dr. where he lives.


How is it going to cause more traffic ? It can't be more traffic , it could be more cars but less congestion . How would any one north of shurmer be opposed to it either ? It would be less traffic on Howe north of shurmer . If the city caves over about 20 homes bring effected it would be pretty sad . If they are truly having funding issues to get it done , where can I donate money to help cause ?

T Kozarik

It will cause more traffic going south on Howe, which is only a two lane road. Brunswick residents will gladly take this slip ramp to avoid traffic at both 82 & 303. As it stands now, the majority of cars that turn left on to Howe from 82 travel to Brunswick. Since NOACA just awarded Brunswick $10 million to widen North Carpenter and most of that traffic is theirs anyway, the ideal location for a slip or exit ramp would be Boston, N. Carpenter or Grafton. People north of Shurmer are opposed to it because Howe will be widened to 5 lanes. Try to imagine those folks' yards with that road being widened from 2 lanes to 5 lanes. Their front stoops will be right on the road. Traffic will probably increase that way as well because people will take the slip ramp and turn right to go to the mall, avoiding 82. It's not just about 20 homes, Stangbuc, it's about the property values being brought down first on Howe and Shurmer, then the surrounding areas due to the dumping of an unimaginable amount of traffic into a purely residential neighborhood. That reduction in safety and property values for residents in Wards 2 & 4 will eventually creep into the other areas of Strongsville. People aren't going to want to move to a community that planned poorly and is autonomously run without considering residents' safety or wishes. The study (paid for by the City of Strongsville) from 2012 states, "…the Shurmer Road slip ramp recommendation does not provide a complete solution to all congestion problems at the interchange.” Much has changed in the 4 years since that study was completed. Brunswick and Strongsville have both grown tremendously, including retail on 82. What needs to happen is a new study (as Mr. Carbone requested) or completing the study that was started in 2014 but run all the way down to 303. I'm confident if that survey were completed, the answer would be a ramp or exit at Boston, N. Carpenter or Grafton.


[angry]Really??? Number 1, it is more than 20 homes that will be "affected" by this ridiculous proposal. I think you would be singing a different tune if it were your home being "affected" Number 2, put your money where your mouth is They are going to need an additional 3 to 4 million to complete this project How much will you donate? You will donate through your taxes, once they raise them to get the money for this project I vote we put the ramp on your street, and I'll be happy to donate money to help the cause


I agree. This will not create more traffic. As it stands right now, Howe road is a nightmare. The city should have widened it to, at the very least, a center turn lane, a long time ago. Back when I lived in Chicago, it was almost always a given that when a new development was proposed, the developer needed to kick in 'X' amount of dollars to widen the city streets in that area. I realize Ohio/Cleveland/suburbs are behind the times when it comes to infrastructure (ie.. traffic lights - no need to sit at the light at Pearl and Drake at midnight waiting for no cross-traffic. This technology was available in the 80's). I highly doubt people that normally gets off on 82 and does not turn up Howe, would use the slip ramp instead. This would be a good idea in my opinion and I completely support the slip ramp.


The engineers that wrote the safety study that the city is basing this slip ramp on said that it will not resolve the traffic problem, "...the Shurmer Road slip ramp recommendation does not provide a complete solution to all congestion problems at the interchange." "...instead of adding a single isolated ramp opposite Shurmer Road, consider adding an additional diamond interchange south of SR-82 interchange (not necessarily at Shurmer Road)."
Lets pay for a functional solution based on a study that includes all of the roads affecting this traffic problem:, Rt-82, Howe Rd., Boston, North Carpenter and Rt.303.

There also has to be an end to allowing more and more retail and restaurants, these are the types of businesses that have caused and continue to add to the constant traffic congestion, it is past the time to put a limit on businesses that increase the constant flow of traffic.


Thank you Councilman Jim Carbone for speaking out for all the citizens of Strongsville. We need functional and practical solutions to the traffic problems not costly band aids.

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