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The PK Team at Russell Real Estate Services offers a service called “Virtual Digz” to their clients, which helps limit their exposure to the coronavirus while home shopping.

A Northeast Ohio Real Estate Team, locally known as The PK Team at Russell Real Estate Services, implements a service called “Virtual Digz” to their clients, which helps limit their exposure to the coronavirus and other outside illnesses.

Virtual Digz creator and PK Realtor Jen Kostos stated: “It is our duty to protect our clients, customers, fellow agents and ourselves. This service will help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other outside illnesses in which clients can sell and purchase their properties almost virtually. The service is extremely beneficial to people with autoimmune disorders and other conditions."

Here’s how it works: go to: and fill out the form "For Sellers." Sellers are given a detailed description of how the team’s 3D virtual showcase will be utilized to scan their clients home to provide a 3D walk-through to allow buyers to “virtually” walk-through the home.

In addition, the website displays many more virtual features. Buyers are to sign a consent form agreeing to use the complimentary protective coverings prior to entering the home and are to be worn until exiting the home. This service is complimentary to the clients.

For buyers: those seeking to obtain a home and not contract a virus or other known illness are to fill out the online request form. Once pre-approved, the buyers have the option of viewing the home through Facetime or video made by the PK Team to narrow down if a particular home suits their needs prior to actually viewing in person. There is a small fee to see the homes virtually. These are for homes listed by other real estate agents not offering a 3D virtual showcase.

As well, Russell Real Estate Services is partnered with the leading relocation companies of the world, so if you’re looking for this service nationally or internationally, they can connect you with the appropriate real estate agent. The form can be found at

We are a family team of full-time Realtors who are finding ways to limit the amount of health risks to our clients, fellow agents and ourselves. We are offering Virtual Digz as a service choice to our home sellers and home buyers.

Don’t let the coronavirus stand in the way of your real estate transaction. For all of your real estate needs, contact the PK Team – Jen Kostos, REALTOR, SFR | | 440.829.1768

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