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How do you rate Biden's handling of US foreign policy?

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's in-depth special feature on the Republican candidates for president. Today is our new weekly in-depth foreign affairs feature.

Our Editor's Pick for Sunday, if you only have time for one, is Henry Olsen's review of the Biden Macron State Dinner. Just one of many very good Guest Columns ranging from China to Venezuela.

Cast your vote below, then comment on today's Reader Poll question as part of our Street Talk feature by clicking here.

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Today is a special issue focusing on the 2024 Republican Pres­idential contenders. Trump’s growing GOP challengers re­vive fears of 2016 repeat is a central topic of our featured story today, an AP news report covering the first major gathering of the party’s potential contenders for the 2024 nomination which occurred last weekend in Las Vegas. Read moreTrump vs. the field